March 4, 2011

PODCAST: Topher Grace

TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT's Topher Grace, with Dan Fogler

You might not expect that Topher Grace (In Good Company, Traffic, Spider-Man 3) would be quick to return to retro comedy after seven seasons on TV's That '70s Show, but lo and behold, the 32-year-old actor both executive produced and co-wrote the story for the '80s-set Take Me Home Tonight (in theaters today):

As the summer of 1988 winds down, three friends on the verge of adulthood attend an out-of-control party in celebration of their last night of unbridled youth. TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT is a raunchy, romantic and ultimately touching blast from the past, set to an awesome soundtrack of timeless rock and hip-hop hits.

Recent MIT grad Matt Franklin (Topher Grace) should be working for a Fortune 500 company and starting his upward climb to full-fledged yuppiehood. Instead, the directionless 23-year-old confounds family and friends by taking a part-time job behind the counter of a video store at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. But Matt's silent protest against maturity comes to a screeching halt once his unrequited high school crush, Tori Frederking (Teresa Palmer), walks into the store. When she invites him to an epic, end-of-summer party, Matt thinks he finally might have a chance with the girl of his dreams.

With his cynical twin sister Wendy (Anna Faris) and best friend Barry (Dan Fogler), Matt embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime evening. From stealing a car to a marriage proposal to an indescribable, no-holds-barred dance-off, these friends share experiences that will change the course of their lives on one unforgettable night in the Go-Go '80s.

At the Relativity Media offices in Manhattan, Grace and I met to discuss how cocaine almost sunk his movie's chance for release, being forced to watch "maybe the worst film ever made" on repeat one summer, and the famous actress who babysat him during those totally tubular '80s.

To listen to the podcast, click here. (13:43)

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INTRO: Yaz: "Situation"
OUTRO: Every Avenue: "Take Me Home Tonight"

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