January 29, 2009

PODCAST: Wyatt Cenac

Wyatt Cenac, star of Medicine for Melancholy Most recognizable for his hilarious stint as a fake-news correspondent on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Wyatt Cenac also makes his feature debut as the star of Barry Jenkins' "enlightened and tenderly beautiful" Medicine for Melancholy. (Hey, that's what the critic blurbed on the trailer called it, and I trust his fine taste.) The official synopsis reads as such:

"Medicine for Melancholy is a love story of bikes and one-night stands told through two African-American twenty-somethings dealing with issues of class, identity, and the evolving conundrum of being a minority in rapidly gentrifying San Francisco -- a city with the smallest proportional black population of any other major American city."

Just before a post-screening Q&A at Columbia University on Thursday night, I told Wyatt our chat could be casual, so he put his feet up on the table and threatened to take his pants off. Ever the jokester, we discussed what his film is really about, the big-screen remake of a TV show he believes he should star in, and why we'll never fully be rid of Bush-era America.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

Medicine for Melancholy opens this Friday at NYC's IFC Center, with releases soon after in Detroit (Feb. 13), Seattle (Feb. 20), San Francisco (Feb. 27) and Los Angeles (Feb. 27). It will be available On Demand from IFC Festival Direct beginning Feb. 4. For more info, visit the official site.

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Posted by ahillis at January 29, 2009 10:29 PM