November 7, 2008

Otto, or, Up with Dead People.

Otto, or, Up with Dead People "One of the more disciplined entries in the [Bruce] LaBruce oeuvre, [Otto, or, Up with Dead People] is sexy and silly in just the right proportions, a cult item with a real heart - albeit one that tends to get torn from the rib cage and munched on by naked men conversant in the philosophy of Herbert Marcuse," writes Nathan Lee in the New York Times. And he comments further at WNYC.

For Aaron Hillis, writing in the Voice, this gay zombie movie is "an explicit blend of blood and blowjobs that might've seemed more acidic two decades ago at the start of his no-budget career - or maybe Nick Zedd's."

"Otto is garlanded with as much sex, blood, leftist dogma and real-life porn stars (the Teutonically ravishing Marcel Schlutt, in fine fettle) as you'd expect from the filmmaker whose last movie, The Raspberry Reich, spawned the immortal catchphrase 'the revolution is my boyfriend,'" writes Eric Henderson in Slant. "But despite the fact that the main character is a twink zombie who eats roadkill and cock in about equal measure, LaBruce's empathetic twist is that gay sex does not in itself imply a political statement, at least not so far as Otto is concerned."

"The wit, smarts, cinephilic references and hot man-on-man action that made 1995's Super 8½ (LaBruce's best film) and 2004's The Raspberry Reich (his last feature) exemplars of punk-porn polemics are only intermittently evident here," finds Melissa Anderson in Time Out New York.

"Otto is plenty uneven, but considering the material it's also consistently fresh and inspired," writes Benjamin Strong in the L Magazine.

Peter Knegt profiles LaBruce for indieWIRE.

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Posted by dwhudson at November 7, 2008 9:47 AM


I saw this film at the Berlin film festival this year and although everybody in the cinema seemed to love it, I have to say it was just too pointless for me. Bruce LaBruce is a real legend and this seems to be the only reason people go to see the film.
By now he must have some money he could put into his films and not make complete trash movies anymore...
Even though I tried really hard to like it, I just couldn't:(

Posted by: Vanessa at November 7, 2008 3:18 PM

I found this to be an obvious, obnoxious waste of time with banal attempts at humor & eroticism. Just felt like an awkward attempt to ride the zombie trend by attaching a forced metaphor about the persecution of homosexuals and the emptiness of mainstream gay culture. I love horror movies and I love zombies, but this felt like an extended SNL sketch with a film student's gore obsession tacked on.

Posted by: jh at November 8, 2008 9:55 PM