May 27, 2008

Cannes. JCVD.

JCVD "Van Damme is back!" yelps Rob Nelson in Variety. "Combined with recent news that the Muscles from Brussels will soon turn auteur with Full Love, Gaumont's JCVD, a French-language meta-movie parody par excellence, constitutes the headiest stretch of the beefy star's career since, well, ever. Playing 'himself,' i.e., an international action stud whose bruising child custody battle has him literally going postal, exec-producing Jean-Claude Van Damme reveals heretofore hidden third dimension to his monosyllabic persona."

"If the goal with the self-reflective JCVD was to recreate the public image of aging action star Jean Claude Van Damme, then you may consider that mission a success," writes Todd Brown at Twitch. "If the goal was to announce to the world that sophomore feature director Mabrouk El Mechri is a truly world class talent, then you may also consider that mission a success. If the goal was to skewer celebrity obsessed culture while laying out the toll it takes on those on the receiving end of the idol worship, then - yep - that's another one in the success column."

Earlier: A clip and Cinematical has the trailer.

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Posted by dwhudson at May 27, 2008 10:34 AM