March 7, 2008

J'Entends Plus la Guitare.

J'Entends Plus la Guitare "J'Entends Plus la Guitare, a film by Philippe Garrel, is a fugue composed in a key of philosophical melancholy," writes AO Scott in the New York Times. "Though its subject is love, the movie is less a romance or the story of a breakup than a series of meditations on, and analytical explorations of, need, truth and the passage of time. The dialogue is abstract and cerebral as only French discussions of l'amour can be, but Mr Garrel's hovering, undulating camera movements impart a dimension of sensuality to the endless, sometimes inscrutable talk."

Updated through 3/12.

"The meaning of love, the mystery of women, life, and all that: Garrel finds it, everything, in the faces, bodies, and words of his actors," writes Nathan Lee in the Voice. "If not the greatest movie we'll see this year - though it's a strong early candidate - J'entends will surely prove the most tenderly played."

"Like Garrel's more recent and arguably more accessible Paris 68 drama Regular Lovers, J'entends plus slowly builds a trippy, meditative state out of apparently miscellaneous, formless material," writes Andrew O'Hehir in Salon. "If you have the patience for his work, it evokes the peculiar feeling that you've known his characters all your life, gotten high in the same crappy rooms with them, slept with them, had the same endless discussions with them. (Perhaps you have.)"

"Years after Mr Garrel's relationship with Nico ended, her presence in his films remained, haunting the filmmaker's work and life," writes Anne-Sophie Jahn in the New York Sun. "I Don't Hear the Guitar Anymore which was released three years after she passed away, is explicitly dedicated to Nico, who is marvelously interpreted by one of Mr Garrel's favorite actresses, Johanna ter Steege."

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At the Cinema Village.

Update, 3/12: "Further evidence that the 90s might be the greatest film decade," proposes Nick Pinkerton in Reverse Shot.

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