December 7, 2007

Man in the Chair.

Man in the Chair "Finally, stripling movie nerds get their own art-house Karate Kid!" shouts Nick Pinkerton, tracking Man in the Chair for the Voice.

Ed Gonzalez in Slant: "When the promise of a college scholarship convinces the delinquent Cameron [Michael Angarano] to go straight, he enlists the help of crotchety Flash Madden (Christopher Plummer), a gaffer who worked on Citizen Kane, to help him make a short film, at which point the stage is set for a didactic harangue about (a) the way the movie industry treats its behind-the-scenes talent, (b) nursing home abuses, (c) pet euthanasia ('cause, you know, dogs are people too), and (d) how much Nietzsche sucks."

"The movie, written and directed by Michael Schroeder, wants to confront hard truths about old age in what one character disgustedly labels a throwaway society," writes Stephen Holden in the New York Times. "But it also insists on applying a thick sugar coating to this very bitter pill."

Schroeder "takes a well-meaning if intermittently naïve story and renders it nearly unwatchable," writes S James Snyder in the New York Sun.

Online listening tip. Plummer's a guest on the Leonard Lopate Show.

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Posted by dwhudson at December 7, 2007 9:32 AM