September 5, 2007

Anticipating Toronto, 9/5.

Toronto International Film Festival "[Tom] McCarthy's follow-up to The Station Agent, his critically praised 2003 film, The Visitor is perhaps the most anticipated film up for acquisition at the festival, which gave the movie its coveted Friday-night opening acquisition slot," writes Patrick Goldstein. "After watching the movie, I can understand why the festival is so eager to offer it a showcase slot."

Also in the Los Angeles Times, Mark Olsen calls up Dario Argento to talk about Mother of Tears: "I'm a strange soul. I didn't want to stay in the cage of the trilogy; I wanted to explore other landscapes. After Inferno I thought, 'Not now.' And then three years ago I had an idea, like a trumpet in my ear, and I thought, 'OK, now I want to finish the trilogy.'"

Michael Sicinski's got his schedule laid out and has even started reviewing a few Toronto titles he's been able to catch before the festival opens on Thursday. And he's been thinking:

The broad characterization of the Year in Film thus far has been one of a shellshocked and disillusioned community finding faith in movies again, which is a lovely fable. But could it be that all the social and technological forces that have been fragmenting us into ever-more-private taste-fiefdoms have finally hit a critical mass? The consensus of quality may in fact be indicative of a tacit acceptance, or even an embrasure, of the collapse of "consensus" as such, and its replacement with camps, posses, chat group buddies, little flags and manifestoes - cinephilia as total rhizome, and film festivals as spaces of dispersal, splatter, reactions and ideas wafting into the air and fizzling out on lacquer tabletops like so much espresso foam. Top Ten? Why? Any number can play. After all, the optimists might actually be right. If we're all becoming less and less of a community in dialogue, the resulting fragmentation could be a new, at-long-last appropriate response to transnational shifts, changes in media technology, a rejection of quaint humanist bromides about the "great family of man," and the like. Now, hardly anyone "speaks our language," but have we perhaps arrived at a state at which more artworks are, at the very least, "interesting" in their insularity?

Like many cinephiles around the world, Ted Pigeon won't be able to make it Toronto - but that's not stopping him from writing up a list of films he's looking forward to hearing and reading about.

Cinematical's James Rocchi has landed in Toronto:

There's an old joke, funny because it's true:

How do you get a bunch of drunk Canadians out of your swimming pool?

You say, "Pardon me; would you drunk Canadians mind terribly getting out of the swimming pool?"

Jim Emerson is "Off to Toronto!"

"New nonfiction films from Oscar winners Jonathan Demme and Kevin Macdonald - both of which are scheduled to have official premieres at next week's Toronto International Film Festival - quietly snuck into Los Angeles theaters in the past couple weeks for their Academy qualifying runs," notes AJ Schnack. And of course, you'll want to keep an eye on the Doc Blog and all the other TIFF blogs you'll see linked to from its page in the upper left-hand corner.

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Posted by dwhudson at September 5, 2007 11:43 AM