July 11, 2007

Manhattan and the Voice.

A new 35mm print of Woody Allen's Manhattan screens at Film Forum for a week starting Friday. In a piece entitled "Defending Manhattan," J Hoberman does just that over four glorious paragraphs before recalling the hubbub the film sparked at the Voice nearly 30 years ago.


"Why did [Andrew] Sarris love Manhattan so?" he asks, and then, of course, floats a theory: "Manhattan's world was a glamorized version of Sarris's." A month after the Voice ran Sarris's "'Swonderful" (as I recall the title of his review), the weekly ran a two-page pile-on. Hoberman: "Manhattan is the movie where Allen successfully projected his own self-absorption as a universal condition - and people responded with their personal identity politics."

A snapshot of New York in 1979 follows, and then, a closing argument for the defense. A must-read.

Update, 7/12: ST VanAirsdale has a million questions for legendary cinematographer Gordon Willis, but "for better or worse, I stuck with nine." The Q's, the A's, they're at the Reeler.

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Posted by dwhudson at July 11, 2007 6:50 AM