January 29, 2007

Sundance. Protagonist.

Protagonist "One of the most visually and artistically exciting documentaries I've seen at this year's Sundance Film Festival - or outside of Sundance in the past few years, frankly - Protagonist is hard to define and easy to enjoy, seemingly scatter-shot but possessed by pure focus, full of invention and newness, but also firmly committed to sure-handed storytelling and classic tradition," writes Cinematical's James Rocchi.

"My favorite film of the fest? Jessica Yu's Protagonist." AJ Schnack points to Joel Heller's interview with Yu at his new blog, Docs That Inspire.

"The dangers of extremism and the virtues of uncertainty are the keys to the remarkable Protagonist, docu helmer Jessica Yu's exploration of four men's journey through dysfunction, obsession and redemption." Despite the Variety-speak, check John Anderson's recommendation. "The film's sheer boldness - Yu uses puppets, and the work of 5th Century BC Greek dramatist Euripides to illustrate the timelessness of her subjects' dilemmas - should make it a must-see among doc fans and artfilm cinephiles."

"Compared to her fantastic and fascinating In the Realms of the Unreal (2004), Yu's follow-up doesn't have the same compelling and perverse punch, but it's an intriguing experiment all the same," writes Anthony Kaufman at indieWIRE.

Protagonist Tom Hall: "No film at Sundance lays bare the global reach of male certitude like Jessica Yu's exquisite Protagonist.... [T]he film captivates and forces the thoughtful viewer to question his or her own life's narrative."

Kenneth Turan talks with Yu, too, for the Los Angeles Times.

More from Craig Phillips, right here.

Gregg Goldstein reports at the Risky Biz Blog: A "source involved in negotiations said IFC and Netflix were close to closing a low-to-mid-six figure deal."

IndieWIRE interviews Yu.

Coverage of the coverage: The Park City Index.

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