December 5, 2006

Online viewing tip. Corner-Dweller.

Corner-Dweller At some point, not that long ago, Jamie Stuart, even under the pressure of an impossible turnaround, realized that signaling "immediacy" or "timeliness" by giving the camera a Dogme-tic rattle, saturating the soundtrack with newsfeed noise and cramming it all through any given editing software's hyperdrive is so 20th century. In his reports/essays from the New York Film Festival and in his latest, for Filmmaker, Corner-Dweller, set against the backdrop of the IFP Gotham Awards Nominee Reception, he's gouged out his own niche and, even assuming Kaufmanesque self-referentiality as a given, staked out his own as-yet-uncharted ground. Granted, it helps that the self referenced is a movie nut, but even so, I'd watch a weekly Jamie Stuart Show any day of the week.

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Posted by dwhudson at December 5, 2006 3:43 PM