October 23, 2006

Fests and events, 10/23.

The Boss of It All "Taking a break from his sermonising trilogy on American values, The Boss of It All finds Lars Von Trier in amiable and comedic mood, spinning out a plot that explores several of his favourite hobbyhorses: following individuals attempting to escape from reason, poking fun at group dynamics, and deflating actors' egos." Rob Forsyth blogs from the London Film Festival for the Times.

The Observer's Jason Solomons offers an overview of seven films at the festival; and at Not Coming to a Theater Near You, Tom Huddleston reviews Venus and Stranger Than Fiction.

"The LFF's 'Treasures From The Archives' strand brings newly-restored prints back into circulation. And while it's always wonderful to see classics like Dr Strangelove or Great Expectations on the big screen again, it's more thrilling that the BFI and equivalent archives around the world breathe new life into half-forgotten gems that could have been lost forever," writes Sarah Cohen for Time Out. "Distant Voices, Still Lives is one of these rescued treasures."

Uso Justo E Steven Fried interviews Coleman Miller for the Siffblog: "The words 'funny' and 'experimental film' are not often found in the same sentence, but his latest piece, Uso Justo, transforms a Mexican medical melodrama into one fucking funny experimental film. The 87-minute program will be presented at the NWFF Tuesday evening at 8 pm."

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At Cinema Strikes Back, Blake's found the lineup for Portland's Grindhouse Film Festival (November 4 and 5).

Adam Hartzell's full review of Kim Dae-seung's Pusan International Film Festival opener Traces of Love is up at Koreanfilm.org; indieWIRE's Brian Brooks surveys the awards and trends at this year's PIFF.

Similarly, Eugene Hernandez from the Hamptons.

At WSWS, David Walsh carries on looking back at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Online viewing tip. David Poland on the beach.

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