July 15, 2006

indieWIRE @ 10.

indieWIRE I hadn't realized that the summer of 1996 was such a landmark season. While I, in partnership with eLine, the very company that would eventually launch GreenCine a few years ago, started fiddling around with an online zine, others were at work on publications that would last many times longer. Just twelve days ago, major congrats went out to Ain't It Cool News on their 10th anniversary. Turns out, less than two weeks after AICN saw its first page, sent out its first issue on July 15, 1996.

Today, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief Eugene Hernandez looks back to find that, while, obviously, much has changed, a few things haven't. "[W]e immediately began to try to define the term 'independent film,'" he writes, and of course, the final word on that definition still hasn't been spoken. And, while iW has grown phenomenally and phenomenally quickly (4000 subscribers to the daily email newsletter in the first year - a lot in the days of dial-up and blink tags!), adding along the way monster projects like the blogs and indieLOOP, filing several stories a day, lacing them with bigger, brighter pix, indieWIRE is still what it's always been, the essential source of news, and yes, community support for anyone who cares about alternatives to Hollywood fare, not least of whom are many, many indie filmmakers themselves.

So happy birthday, indieWIRE, and here's to another ten - hell, ten times ten years!

Update, 7/17: Happy birthday wishes from Matt Dentler, Tom Hall and Wendy Mitchell.

Updates, 7/19: Anthony Kaufman and Michael Tully's best wishes.

More from former iW senior editor Matthew Ross at Filmmaker.

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Posted by dwhudson at July 15, 2006 11:39 AM